Typical Hide Sizes

The illustration shown below is a guide to the shape and size of a typical hide. Every hide is different and can vary in size please check our technical data sheets (available online) for further guidance. When ordering leather, please be sure to allow for the natural wastage that will occur due to the shape of the hide, a minimum of 30% should be used, contact your sales representative for further guidance.

Leather Hide Dimensions SizesLeather Unit Convertor

Listed in the table below are the most common conversion factors used in upholstery. Please note a linear meter and linear yard are the terms typically given to a length of fabric (e.g. 1 meter) from a standard width roll of fabric, usually 1.40m wide or 55 inches wide.

Square Foot Square Meter Linear Meter Linear Yard Square Yard Hide
One Square Foot = 1.00 0.01 0.07 0.07 0.11 0.02
One Square Meter = 10.76 1.00 0.71 0.79 1.20 0.20
One Linear Meter = 15.07 1.40 1.00 1.11 1.67 0.28
One Linear Yard = 13.56 1.26 0.90 1.00 1.51 0.25
One Square Yard = 9.00 0.84 0.60 0.66 1.00 0.17
One Hide = 53.82 5.00 3.57 3.97 5.98 1.00

The minimum amount that may be ordered is one hide. We do not sell part hides or half hides.

No. Staunton & Hughes sells 100% leather which comes in hides of varying sizes.

Leather will have a slightly higher waste than fabric; however, the yield and waste will depend upon the application. Please direct this question to your furniture manufacturer.

It may be that the calibration of your computer screen is causing the colours to be displayed incorrectly. Or, it may be the result of dye lot variation. Also, variation in texture can be found throughout the hide of some leathers, resulting in large grain near the edge and smaller grain in the centre. A sample should never be considered an exact snapshot of the entire hide.

If the leather is in stock, the order will be processed and despatched in 1-2 business days, depending on the complexity of the order and the volume of orders being processed at that time.

All samples are free of charge. However when ordering hides per meter Staunton & Hughes accept BACS, Debit Card, Master Card and Visa Card Payments.

Lead time for new production and shipping from the time the order is placed to the time we receive the product is 8-10 weeks.

We can create custom colours of any of our articles. All other leathers have a minimum order quantity of 350m2. For all custom colour orders, we ask that the customer provide a swatch/pantone for us to match. Please allow two to three weeks for a custom order sample or ‘strike off’. A ‘strike off’ is similar to a CFA. Once approved by the customer, lead time for production is 4-6 weeks.

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